Armoloy is a proprietary process that has been in the UK since 1989.

Since that time Armoloy has been used and specified by some of the leading companies in their respective fields. The many benefits of Armoloy have been proven invaluable in thousands of applications. Armoloy has over 50 years in total in specialized experience in plating. This experience, coupled with our proprietary plating bath chemistry, allows us to provide a finished product that we believe is superior to our competition. No additional machining is required and the part remains intolerance.

Armoloy is compatible with most ferrous and non-ferrous metals, allowing greater flexibility in choosing the base material.

We can recommend when this coating will solve your unique problem and save you time and money. Our highly trained engineering staff are able, with their many years of experience, to help give solutions to the many problems companies struggle with on a daily basis.