Armoloy TDC coating is widely used throughout the Power sector reducing costs in a variety of areas.

The Armoloy Team is able to help engineers apply coating solutions that allow an increased range of materials to be used in the industry's arduous conditions.

Preventing galling is an important use for Armoloy in the Power sector - where two like materials are used the risk of mechanical bonding is ever present.

Armoloy's consistent thickness coating provides a low friction surface allowing two materials to work efficiently in contact with each other. Coating material in Armoloy enhances its mechanical properties - this increases the scope of materials for the design engineer. For applications such as linear ball valves, less friction allows easier operation and additionally Armoloy enables greater temperature ranges - -200 oC to +650 oC - to be achieved.

Armoloy® TDC coatings are successfully used in nuclear facilities. In nuclear applications, the use of Armoloy® coatings have resulted in improved wear resistance. Surface hardness is increased up to 78 Rc with the Armoloy coating. The coating also reduces galling (cold-welding), seizing and fretting corrosion. Armoloy® coatings are not adversely affected by radiation and perform well in temperatures that exceed 1000 oF. Armoloy can coat all grades of stainless steel.

Applications Include:

  • SS Control Rods/Tubes
  • SS Adjusting Nuts
  • SS Adjusting Bolts
  • Underwater Cutting Equipment
  • Threaded Components ID/OD
  • SS Pumps
  • Grippers
  • Lock Pins