Armoloy (UK) Ltd has operated in the UK since 1989 but it was not until July of 1992 that the initial form rolls were coated.

The processing documents for these and all the other form rolls processed by us have been retained and form part of our extensive library of technical data to assist our customers. Among these, we include customers who process material and customers who manufacture the rolls and/or the machinery for end users.

The Armoloy coating has a modular, "orange peel" finish that generates a satin, silver appearance.

As well as being hard, corrosion resistant and "low stick", this nodular surface is naturally lubricant retentive in cases of extreme pressure and will continue to perform in marginal conditions.

We do not say that Armoloy will eliminate your sticking problem but it will certainly delay the onset of it and speed up cleaning once it has occurred.

Having said that, we would not recommend cleaning with any material coarser than 1000/1200 wet 'n' dry paper or Scotchbrite. A tried and tested alternative is bead blasting using glass beads as the abrasive media or even a cryogenic media such as Dry Ice. It must be remembered that we are here talking in terms of coating thicknesses of the order of 5 microns (0.0002").

We would always recommend that tooling, at the completion of a run, should be checked, cleaned where necessary and oiled before storing.

You have made a substantial investment in your tooling - in our opinion that investment should be protected. We would point out that money can be recouped - time, however, once lost is gone forever.