Moulds and Dies are expensive to manufacture and repair.

Armoloy NTDC reduces maintenance requirements and downtime by extending the life of your mould and die's. Its micronodular surface finish and its 78 HRC hardness provide a slippery face that is also very hard wearing. In the stamping industry, Armoloy reduces wear on punches and forming faces and gives them better release properties and extended life.

Due to the cost of manufacture and repair of components, Armoloy has been proven to reduce overall cost due to its ability to extend life. The benefits of having your moulds and dies coated will be noticed easily, from less maintenance because of Armoloy's corrosion resistance, to better release generated by Armoloy's micro-nodular finish and many other advantages that the Armoloy's unique properties can offer.

Plastics and Moulding

Armoloy ntdc reduces maintenance requirements and downtime by extending the life of your moulding components, by as much as 10 times, particularly where glass-filled and mineral-filled resins are being formed. Armoloy tdc increases material flow, due to the smooth, micro-nodular surface produced by the coating, this leads to more shots, shorter cycle and fill times. Moulding areas stay cleaner for longer and require less maintenance with the armoloy coating, even burnt on plastic/rubber can be quickly removed. Armoloy maintains textured surfaces, gloss levels and parting lines. Armoloy prevents mould release drips & runs on cavity surfaces and reduces the need for release agents. Armoloy can be applied to most ferrous and non-ferrous metals, except Aluminium and Titanium. When applied early in the moulds life the number of castings made can be increased along with the profitability.

Proven Applications:

  • Nozzle tips
  • Cores and Cavities
  • Core pins & Screws
  • Feeder Screws, Ejectors & knockout pins
  • Leader Pins
  • Stripper Plate
  • Slides
  • Sprue Bushes & Barrels
  • Trimming tools
  • Blow-Moulding Components
  • Grained Surfaces
  • Die-casting
  • Calibration Dies
  • Extrusion Dies